CLIMABALANCE: the engineering process

The Climabalance  is one of those products that has its own star struck name, almost like the ideologies of Cher or Adele. One of those single names that creates an impact.

The Climabalance is the only Down and Microfibre duvet, that it patented worldwide, with its own built in natural climate control system. A world renown engineer by the name of Dr Günter Schulz came up with a modest principle with amazing effects.

Sanders of Germany and South Africa, have presented the ever first microfibre and down duvet with a double zone system consisting of microfibre or down holders that aids the unique ventilation which helps with climate controls.  This unique ventilation system regulates the temperature and moisture according to the thermal needs of the sleeper. It reduces up to 25% of humidity compared to your conventional duvets and increases you sleep up to 40%. The natural ventilation control stops the effect of rising warm air, allowing your body to automatically adjust its’ own body temperature throughout the night. This effect will be created the moment you fall asleep.

Sanders and Dr Günter Schulz went even a step further. The Climabalance has been subjected to 15 medical scientific studies, which have been successful. The ventilation system among those with medical deficiencies such has insomnia, skin irritation and hay fever have reduced significantly. It has allowed the sleeper to sleep longer, more intensely and efficiently. The automatic ventilation climate control system, allows water vapor to escape reducing all the factors that cause these medical conditions.

The ventilation system has some remarkable effects. The holders that are filled with high quality down or mircrofibre create a pleasant, light and warmth feeling. The natural climatic control has been stated that its’ effect is 3 times higher in a Climabalance with its unique engineering capabilities than any other ordinary duvet. The natural air circulation prevents heat erosion and moisture under the duvets.

The Climabalance is designed as a summer duvet however can also be used as an all year-round duvet, depended on the individual’s body temperature. The fabric weaved in a certain manner controls certain zones of the duvet, that it does not absorb any moisture, but conveys on it. The inside baffles form air chambers, which prevents the cold air ventilating through the duvet. This leads to an increase of restful responses and allows the human body to get the greatest possible benefits from sleep phases. Through the scientific studies, it has been proven that with high-quality of sleep has a positive influence on the body’s mind and immune system.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, we are zoned in on food and exercise. Don’t forget about the importance of sleep. Sleep is an investment quality of a lifetime.

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